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Seiko's Melodies in Motion Clocks are enchanting and magical. 

Clock plays one of 36 melodies with motion on the hour.

Features 13 Blue and Red Swarovski Crystals.

Sold exclusively at Sam's Club, 2021 Melodies In Motion "Golden Trellis" will evoke years of precious family memories with each song played.  This year's clock features a golden garden motif with golden pillars and flowers along with sapphire vines.  Melodies In Motion by Seiko is a whimsical musical clock which plays one of 36 high-fidelity melodies every hour and light sensors ensure that it stays quiet in the dark.  Enjoy this clock all year long with its six classical melodies, six holiday melodies and 24 all occasion melodies, 6 ARE NEW THIS YEAR.  The rotating pendulum adds sparkle and shine with each Swarovski Crystal precisely placed for optimum delight.

Everyone will love watching this clock as the face splits and rotates while music plays to one of 36 songs on the hour, every hour 13 Swarovski Crystals add impressive detail and charm not to mention SPARKLE Sensor disables lights and music when it is dark Volume control allows you to select just the right sound level Plays classic songs, glass bell tracks or holiday favorites Overall dimensions:  17.50 X 16 X 3.75 inches

Dimensions: 16" x 17.5" x 3.75"


* Register your clock for an additional 1 year warranty.

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