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This round clock combines golden classical antiquity world map features with a whimsical castle and clouds motif.  On the hour, the dial opens and turns, and plays one of eighteen finest quality sound melodies plus an opening and ending melody.  It has a brown and golden case with golden accents, a demonstration button, and volume control.  This clock is enclosed in glass, the pendulum features bright and colorful crystals, and an off/on switch.  Rotating center opens and closes when melodies are played.  Features ornaments of Swarovski Crystals.  On the hour, the clock plays one of 18 melodies with motion.  Three sets of melodies are available for selection on the control panel.  Powered by 4 C battery (included).  Overall dimensions: 16.53 X 16.53 X 4.33 inches.

Dimensions: 4.33" x 16.53" x 16.53"


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