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Seiko's Melodies in Motion Clocks are enchanting and magical. The Brooklyn Melodies In Motion Clock brings all of the charm and character of Brooklyn, New York Brownstones to life. From its arched windows to brickwork, this clock brings historic design elements to any space.  On the hour, ornament on the dial rotate and the clock plays one of eighteen of the finest quality sound melodies or Westminster Chime. It has a metallic dark brown case, a demonstration button, constantly rotating pendulum and volume control. This clock has a protective glass crystal to ensure long-term durability.  The pendulum features four Swarovski crystals which sparkle in the light.  The off/on switch conveniently puts you in control of the music feature .  This clock will light up your house year-round.  Powered by 4 C batteries (included).  Overall dimensions: 17.44 X 15.95 X 3.82.  All of this along with the most accurate quartz crystal movement Seiko has to offer an analog clock.  Perfect for any space.

Dimensions: 3.82" x 17.44" x 15.95"


* Register your clock for an additional 1 year warranty.

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