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The Sussex II Alarm Clock is the perfect elegant touch to your bedside table, and it ensures you are always waking up to high style. The beep alarm comes complete with an auto constant light and a 5 minute snooze function.  The quiet-sweep second hand is a wonderful feature, no ticking sound heard here.  There is also a handy light feature to illuminate the face of the clock when extra light is needed.  All of this enclosed in a regal silver-tone plastic case.  Powered by 3 AA battery (included).  Overall dimensions: 4.61 X 4.65 X 3.19 inches.  All of this along with the most accurate quartz crystal movement Seiko has to offer an analog clock.

Dimensions: 3.19" x 4.61" x 4.65"


* Register your clock for an additional 1 year warranty.

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