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Seiko's Melodies in Motion Clocks are enchanting and magical. The Blue Pine Fantasy Melodies In Motion Clock brings the best of nature indoors with this fun and fresh piece. On the hour, the dial opens to reveal a turning decorative wheel with Swarovski crystals and plays one of forty of the finest quality sound melodies. It has a crystal glass cover with a complimentary metallic  blue case with golden accents.  The demonstration button is conveniently located on the front, to test the clock at your will.  The volume control is easily adjusted to just the right level you may prefer. The one way rotating pendulum features Swarovski crystals which twinkle in the light.  A light sensor disengages all melodies in motion when it gets dark.  A convenient off/on switch is located on the back of the clock, if needed.  This clock will light up your house year-round.

Dimensions: 3.82" x 17.44" x 15.95"


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